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About Dani Mathewson

After twenty-one years as a professional photographer, Dani Mathewson sold her studio to pursue her indie publishing career. 

With a passion for reading and creating exciting young adult fiction, her subject matter and target age range vary across a number of titles, some of which are still in the pipeline, but the one reliable constant is her commitment to action, pace and authentic characters. 

Described by her friends as a loveable weirdo, Dani calls inner city Brisbane, Australia, home. Her healthy appreciation for the unknown extends to controversial theories of human history, ancient civilisations, metaphysics and cryptozoology, not all of which are reflected in her work (yet…). When not fused to her laptop, her spare time is an imperfect balance of training in her local boxing gym and Netflix on the couch.

Her latest title, Powder, a murder mystery thriller set in an abandoned ski lodge, is slated for release on 1st November 2018 and will be available for download from leading eBook stores. Snapshot, a paranormal mystery, is also available for free.

“Be curious, not judgemental.”

Walt Whitman

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